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Experience better baking with Demarle and Creative Ingredients


DEMARLE was founded in Northern France in 1965 by M. Guy Demarle.

M. Demarle was an experienced baker who was seeking a better way to make baguette bread with forms using non-stick silicone coatings. He went on to invent the first non-stick baguette baking trays (or filets, as they are known in France). A few years later, M. Demarle also went on to invent and create the original Silpat® pastry liner and preformed Silform® mat. In 1985 DEMARLE introduced the revolutionary product known as Flexipan® - a unique line of flexible molds made from fiberglass covered with food silicone. From its inception DEMARLE has established itself as an innovator of unique products for the professional baking, patisserie, and food service industries.