Italproget – Display Cases

Countertop Display Freezer

At Creative Ingredients, we proudly offer countertop display freezers and countertop display fridges from Italproget to meet the needs of professional ice-cream parlours and confectioner’s shops. These help to maintain the freshness and overall quality of the products as well as focus due attention upon the image of the establishment itself. Whether you want a Linea Twist pastry cabinet or a Linea Brio ice cream display freezer in Australia, you can rest assured we have what you need.

Satisfy Your Requirements with a Countertop Display Fridge/Freezer

The commercial display freezer for ice cream and pastry offered by Italproget is capable of satisfying every technical requirement. At the same time, it’s highly effective at furnishing the sales points with solutions of exceptional aesthetic appeal and flexibility.

The flexibility of this portable ice cream freezer allows it to seamlessly adapt to establishments of various sizes and layouts, ensuring top-of-the-line technical performance. Likewise, the smaller display cases are designed to fit into tight spaces while ensuring Italproget’s high quality standards.
linea-brio linea-twist linea-gioia