Sagi DM51C
Sagi DM51C

Sagi DM51C

Mini Freezers

If you lack the space for a full sized blast chiller, the team at Creative Ingredients can provide quality mini freezers that meet your needs. Perfect for cafés and restaurants, our compact mini freezers are just as capable of rapidly freezing raw products and cooked foods as full sized blast chillers without sacrificing convenience and efficiency.

Mini Freezer Product Features

Our mini freezers not only prevent bacterial generation, but also maintain the overall quality and nutritional value of foods compared to more common slow freezing processes. This has the added benefit of reducing preparation time, saving on labour costs, reducing waste and allowing you to expand your menu options.

Constructed using stainless steel, our Sagi mini freezers boast a chilling capacity of 20 kg/cycle from +90 to +3°C and a freezing capacity of 12 kg/cycle fm+90 to -18°C. They also feature a top-positioned control electronic circuit board with single point probe, a segment display, quick access keys for the most intensively used functions, and a one-sided working top.

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