Blastchillers & Shockfreezers

Blast Chillers in Australia

Refrigerators and freezers are useful for short term conservation of food, but they’re less effective for commercial kitchens. Fortunately, the team at Creative Ingredients can provide blast chillers in Australia that not only retain natural moisture levels and nutritional properties, but also reduce preparation time, labour costs and unnecessary wastage.

Powerful Commercial Chiller Systems

Our blast freezers are powerful cooling systems that reduce temperatures faster than slow freezing alternatives. This creates micro-crystals rather than macro-crystals, preventing bacterial growth and avoiding irreparable damage to food. Commercial kitchens that want to store and conserve items for weeks or months can benefit greatly from a commercial blast chiller.

Whether you want to rapidly freeze raw products or cooked foods, a commercial chiller can accommodate your requirements. Made from stainless steel and the highest quality components, our blast chillers in Australia are sure to improve the efficiency and capacity of your commercial kitchen.