TRITTICO® Executive

305 (5Lt.) Trittico Executive was $65,500

Now reduced to  $44,900 +GST +Delivery

Trittico® Executive is the first multi-function machine for gelato, pastries and catering.

Thanks to its micro-processor, the machine automatically handles the cooking, cooling, and the emulsion of your recipes. Even the less experienced personnel can perform all operations without risking errors or waste.
Trittico® Executive allows you to create also tempering with white chocolate, dark and milk chocolate.

Trittico® Executive is equipped with an electronic brain that automatically manages 19 different programs in the hot side and 20 different programs in the cold side for the production of:

  • Gelato
  • Custard
  • Free program
  • Bavarian cream
  • White chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • Ganache cream
  • Meringue
  • Fruit jelly and cream
  • Sauces
  • Zabajone
  • Mousse
  • Buttercream
  • Sorbet
  • Pâte à bombe
  • Chocolate Pâte à bombe
  • Panna cotta

… and also you can customize with great variety and flexibility in many other bakery products, ice cream and refreshments.
Trittico®adapts to the professional, its recipes and procedures for the implementation and not vice versa!

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Trittico® is easy to use: choose the program, pays all the ingredients required by the recipe in the upper tank of the Trittico® and press START! Trittico® thinks of all, seriously good!

Aggiungere burro

The software of Trittico® scan automatically manage your recipes with a warning beep when it’s time to add an ingredient. The frontal display communicates with the professional indicating what to do and how far is the process. Trittico® also continues to work independently until the product is ready to be extracted.


Figurino Trittico

Trittico® consists of two independent tanks connected together by an internal passage, all managed by an electronic card. ? The upper basin (red in picture), which ingredients are heated or cooled, it is vertical and has a transparent top cover to leave a complete supervision of production processes to the artisan and to enable him to add each ingredient at the right time.

The heating system is patented and consists of sheet resistances which prevent the thermal inertia (inevitable in systems in a water bath) and ensure the highest accuracy in accordance with the temperatures.

Passaggio interno

The lower cylinder (blue in picture), where the product is cooled and the cycle of production ends is equipped with a cooling system patented to manage the cold in the entire length of the walls.

The connection between the two tanks is possible through a patented internal passage (see picture), which guarantees products maximum hygiene and their absolute quality because it eliminates any possibility of external tampering.


We studied the right tools to replace the arms of the artisan and simplify your work ….

The stirrer


To mix, to make the product homogeneous and free of lumps and to prevent it from depositing on the walls of the tank ….

The mixer of the upper tank has a patented form  to adhere perfectly to the curved walls to avoid that the product will settle and ensuring the absolute homogeneity

The mixer


To bring up the cold till the heart of the product …

The mixer is built entirely of steel, three-bladed twisted slightly to facilitate the extraction of the product. The steel also enhances the cooling action of the cylinder, helping to take the chill to the heart of the product. Supplied with interchangeable scraper and self-regulating, designed to increase their grip on the walls and keep it for a long time.

The dual inverter
To connect the brain Trittico
® with his arms: his tools …

For the tools perform their task of mixing and stirring with the necessary speed and intensity Bravo has applied to Trittico® Executive two different automatic variable speed for each of the two tanks to adjust the speed of agitation depending on the recipe and steps machining. The inverter operates in automatic mode but can be controlled manually by the professional through the front display.

Extraction slide

scivolo tempera

To extract your products directly from the upper tank without dirtying the cylinder cooling …

The slide is made of food material that does not interfere with the extraction temperature of the product and prevents the chocolate starts to cool down the slope, in part deposited on the slide itself. You can use it to extract: Tempered Chocolate, Jams, Marmalade, Topping, Fruit jellies, etc. …

The whip


To emulsify automatically …

The whip is made entirely by hand to emulsify Mousse, Buttercream, Pâte à bombe, Meringue

A patented device for chocolate tempering

tempering cycle

For tempering white, dark and milk chocolate …

Trittico® Executive does all the tempering cycle in the top tank and allows you to extract the product directly through the patented slide.
Trittico® Executive respects the temperatures to the tenth grade using the appropriate temperature sensors and the special patented cooling device to ensure the required accuracy during the whole process!
Trittico® Executive allows you to make the spicy chocolates (eg. pepper), grains and all products with large and strong pieces of dried fruit.


Trittico Executive plays the part of an important team member with many of our customers.

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Technical features

figurino trittico executive

TRITTICO® Executive