Cream Whippers – Creamy


Whipped Cream Machine

At Creative Ingredients, we’re proud to offer a high-quality whipped cream machine that’s suitable for gelato makers, pastry cooks, bartenders and more. This machine is capable of whipping many different types of cream, giving users an excellent opportunity to create a wide range of products.

The Benefits of Our Whipped Cream Machine

The Creamy whipped cream machine is an excellent choice for people who want a durable, versatile, reliable, ergonomic and cost-effective tool for whipped cream. Made from non-toxic stainless steel materials that are resistant to wear and tear, these machines are capable of delivering 1kg of cream in less than a minute. Their small size makes them easy to use, and no specific maintenance is required.

In addition, our whipped cream machine features advanced technological features including a patented cooling system, high-performance pump, manual or automatic dispensing systems, and more. Whether you want to create whipped cream, mousse or parfait, our Creamy whipped cream machine can get the job done.