Cream Whippers – Creamy


Valmar presents Creamy, the new range of mixers designed and produced for whipping all types of cream and to satisfy the needs of all gelato makers, pastry cooks, bartenders, etc.

Fast: All of the Creamy models deliver 1 kg of cream in less than 50 seconds.

Hygienic: All of the components – bowl, pump, labyrinth, pouring unit – are made of non toxic materials, they can be easily removed and/or dismantled and washed. By means of a special liquid (on demand) it is possible to wash and sanitize Creamy even at low temperatures (50°C) by using the standard dispensing mode.

Durable: Creamy is made of stainless steal and the components are made of materials resistant to wear.

Ergonomic: Creamy is smaller in size, doesn’t occupy a lot of space and is easy to use.

Versatile: Creamy produces alternately whipped cream, mousse and parfait without the use of any additional equipment.

Technologically advanced: Creamy features a patented cooling system of the labyrinth and dispensing unit. High-performance pump for the mixing of air/liquid, manual and/or automatic dispensing of whipped cream, depending on the model.

Reliable: Creamy doesn’t require any specific maintenance, and operators can easily use and clean the mixer in a few minutes.

Cost-effective: Instantaneous increase in volume of cream. Creamy is extremely profitable – designed to meet the needs of all users at a reasonable price.