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Commercial Gelato Machine – Smarty TTi

If you’re looking for a reliable gelato machine that creates quality products, the team at Creative Ingredients have exactly what you need. We’re proud to offer the Smarty TTi commercial gelato maker, a technologically innovative gelato machine that’s suitable for artisan gelato production requirements and demanding commercial environments.

Why Use Our Smart TTi Gelato Equipment?

Cafés, restaurants, takeaway outlets, convenience stores and dedicated ice cream parlours can all benefit from the commercial gelato maker available at Creative Ingredients. Users can heat small amounts quickly and without burning any mix. Additionally, you can achieve consistent results in terms of texture and production accuracy even when delicate ingredients such as eggs are used.

Businesses in Australia that want to provide gelato and granitas for customers can rely on the flexibility and versatility of the Smart TTi gelato fridge and gelato freezer. 33 programs are available to accommodate and facilitate different purposes, including mix heating and batch freezing.




Cooking with Smarty TTi

What makes Smarty TTi unique

The innovative process of new SmartyTTi makes it possible to quickly heat even small mix quantities—up to 20% of maximum capacity—without burning or sticking any mix. Fine texture, accuracy in production and no thermal inertia are the results obtained even in case of products made of very delicate ingredients such as eggs. Thanks to the SmartyTTi system, just the mix to be batch frozen is heated at any cycle, as required by the “?avour-by-?avour” process and resulting in quality improvement and higher customization of the gelato produced.


It is a real “technological pot” with an extensive bottom surface area thanks to the ratio between diameter and depth. Thermal exchange is optimized without burning or sticking any product inside, even if the product is very delicate or in small quantity.


Fast performances, high-temperature precision, thermal inertia reduction are results challenging to be achieved mostly in case of dense products. SmartyTTi equipment and peculiarities make all this much easier:

  • DoubIe-and triple-resistance heating devices (for Smarty 12 and TTi) are electronically governed by PLC. In this way the resistance heating devices can operate individually, alternatively or simultaneously;
  • three probes to check temperature precision and reduce thermal inertia;
  • uniform heating from 20% to 100% of the tank maximum capacity;
  • Cooking temperature up to 98°C.


The stirrer plays an essential role in the heating process. It is provided with a patented counter—stirrer, efficiently and completely dismountable. It guarantees a fast dispersion and solubilization of solid ingredients into liquid ones.


Double lid with opening system actuated by servo-assisted hydraulic pistons for easy ingredient introduction even in case if the product in progress. The machine has not to be stopped in full compliance with certi?ed EC safety regulations.


Use external tap to let the mix reach the batch freezing tank directly. Complete separation of the heating system from the cooling one.

Gradual opening system.

Easy and fast to dismount. Appropriate sanitation of any surface in contact with the product.

EC certi?ed accident prevention and safety measures.

Offered in 18/10 stainless steel. Long—life and easy sanitation in dishwasher without deterioration.

Rotation up to 180° to operate the heating tank also independently from the cooling cylinder.


Heating and/or cooking procedures with product outgoing directly from the heating cylinder independently from the batch freezing cylinder.

Anti—squirt system during pouring and batch freezer operation with a liquid mix.

Shelf space for hot product output independent from the cooling cylinder.


Wide hopper provided with patented safety guard placed on the batch freezer door. It eases the cylinder loading in case the batch freezer is operated independently from the heating system.

…and cooling

with Valmar COMBISYSTEM®

NewValmar COMBISYSTEM® technological improvements have been integrated into the new SmartyTTi cooling and batch freezing systems. A system which is based on different technological innovations, each of them synergically but complementary contributing to obtain a top quality marketable gelato and, to this purpose, automatically meeting the speci?c requirements of the cooling and batch freezing processes.


The new system profoundly changes artisan batch freezing quality standards. The produced gelato is now creamy and more resistant to melting as overrun is up to 40% of the mix weight. Air incorporation in marketable gelato keeps it more creamy and soft.


Stirrer rotation inverter, range from 7 up to 70 Hertz. With the new Smarty TTi, a perfect batch freezing depending on the produced quantities and features of the mix and on the ingredients and their mix formulation is now readily available thanks to PLC and inverter. Totally new is the possibility to select the automatic speed adjustment mode of the outgoing gelato, which does not melt during the whole outgoing process.


The cylinder is designed and tested to ensure a perfect combination in terms of chilling performance, freezing and micro-crystallization speed as well as optimized air incorporation.


Unique design helicoidal stirrer with blade variable convergence and high-performance scrapers: these are only a few of the features marking out the new TTi series stirrer. A perfect batch freezing is the result of a systematic and uniform spreading of gelato on the whole cylinder surface thus avoiding the excessive freezing of gelato on the blades or in the middle of the cylinder.


Refrigerant gas direct expansion system on the batch freezing hollowed spiral cylinder having a progressively variable diameter to optimize the chilling performance on the whole cylinder surface.


The check of gelato consistency is performed through stirrer torque measurement in Nm, gas temperature measurement as well as the measurement of gelato inside the cylinder. Thanks to this technological innovation, the desired gelato texture is obtained regardless of any recipe.