Mec 3 Bases


Product CodeTypeProduct TitleUnits Per CtnUnit Size
MECB2006Base MilkBase 642.5kg
MECB6019Base SpecialBase Divina Powder Base42kg
MECB02423Base SpecialBase Type M Powder101.2kg
MECP08008Base MilkChocolate Pwd Base42kg
MECP13102BaseCremfix Stabilizer for Cakes101kg
MECP12502Base SpecialDia & Light Panna Powder (Fiordilatte)101.25kg
MECP12503Base SpecialDIA&LIGHT fruit Powder101kg
MECP08145Base MilkExtra Dark Choc. Powder Base61.625kg
MECB6012Base FruitFrutta Frutta Base42kg
MECB6012Base FruitFrutta Frutta Base42kg
MECP08042Base FruitLEMON 100 PWD BASE42.5kg
MECP08007Base FruitLemon Sorbet Base101kg
MECP08041Base FruitLimoncello Pwd42.5kg
MECB6005Base FruitNeutralin 5g/Lt. Milk or Water101kg
MECB2096Base MilkPanna Base Cold & Warm Prep - 50g/Lt.42.5kg
MECB2090Base MilkPanna Base Super Warm Prep - 50g/Lt.42.5kg
MECB2121Base MilkSoave Base Warm Prep 100g/Lt.82kg
MECB6004Base FruitSupergel Mix 50g/Lt. Water Base43kg
MECB2012Base UniversalUniBase 100 - 100g/Lt.42.5kg

The Highest Quality Gelato Ingredients in Australia

Gelato is a highly popular alternative to ice cream and other frozen treats, winning people over with its extra creaminess and density. Gelato is also served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream, reducing the numbness that’s generally experienced and allowing for more of the flavour to be enjoyed. If you want to create authentic gelato for personal or commercial purposes, the team at Creative Ingredients have you covered with the highest quality gelato ingredients in Australia.

Discover Our Range of Gelato Ingredients

We have no shortage of gelato ingredients for you to choose from. Our range has everything you need to create visually impressive and extremely satisfying treats, including various bases, fruit pastes, toppings, pastes and much more. We can also provide emulsifiers and stabilisers to improve the structure of your gelato and enhance the flavour of the end result.