Callebaut is a Belgian chocolate brand known for selling cooking chocolate made from the finest ingredients. A popular choice among baking enthusiasts and professional chefs alike, Callebaut products can be used to create a wide range of delicious foods. At Creative Ingredients, we have no shortage of Callebaut chocolate products for you to choose from. Whether you want to create mouth-watering chocolate cakes or other sweet creations, we’ve got you covered.

Our Range of Callebaut Products

Our impressive range of Callebaut products includes cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, callets, blocks and more. Our callets and blocks are available in various textures and flavours, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Our callets also encompass strawberry, orange, caramel and other flavours. In addition, our units range from as small as 2.5kg to as large as 12.5 kg. You can rely on our specialists to help you find exactly what you need for your specific requirements.

Product CodeBrandProduct TitleUnits Per CtnUnit Size
COCO003CallebautCocoa Powder201kg
COCO045CallebautCoco Nibs-800g
CHOV038CallebautDark Callets 53.8%82.5kg
CHOV039CallebautMilk Callets 33.6%82.5kg
CHOV040CallebautMadagasgar 66% Origin Select42.5kg
CHOV045CallebautWhite Callets 28.1%82.5kg
CHOV046CallebautSao Thome 70% Dark Origin Select42.5kg
CHOV054CallebautStrawberry Callets42.5kg
CHOV057CallebautOrange Callets42.5kg
CHOV060CallebautCaramel Choc Callets42.5kg
CHOV071CallebautDark Callets 70%82.5kg
CHOV055CallebautWhite Block55kg
CHOV056CallebautDark Block55kg
CHOV511CallebautMilk Block55kg
CHOV701CallebautMilk Gianduja Block (Hazelnut)55kg
CHOV232CallebautDark Callets 53.8%210kg
CHOV312CallebautWhite Callets 28.1%210kg
CHOV531CallebautMilk Callets 33.6%210kg
CHOV231CallebautChocolate Chip Choffie Sicao 22,000/kg112.5kg
CHOV059CallebautDark Block 70% Couverture-5kg