Cacao Barry

Although Cacao Barry merged with Callebaut in 1996, the company that began in 1842 is still a highly regarded producer of quality chocolate. The team at Creative Ingredients are proud to offer an impressive selection of Cacao Barry branded chocolate products for professional cooks and bakers. From milk chocolate and dark chocolate through to white chocolate and everything in between, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Range of Cacao Barry Products

From the intensely aromatic cocoa of Milk Ghana Origin and the well-rounded flavour of Dark Force Noire 50% through to the silky smooth texture of White Blanc Satin 30% and the full flavour of Dark Guayaquil 64% that blends easily with sweet fruits, you can find all the Cacao Barry products you need at Creative Ingredients. These can be used for many different cooking and baking applications, allowing you to create mouth-watering foods for you and others to enjoy.
Cacao Barry

Product CodeBrandProduct NameUnits Per CartonUnit SizeProduct Description
CHOVCB20CacaoBarryDark Cuba Origin 70%101kgAlthough it is known to be the land of the best tobacco, it is also the cradle, ine the northern part of the Tropic of Cancer, of a robust and surprising Trinitario, a full-flavoured cocoa, which captures the very essence of the Cuban Companeros’ sun-sculptured features.
CHOVCB22CacaoBarryDark Tanzanie Origin 75%101kgOn these lands, ancient civilizations communicated with their ancestors using ritual masks, much like the Tanzanian cocoa beans with have succeeded in crossing over the ages to be appreciated by the connoisseurs of today.
CHOVCB26CacaoBarryMilk Ghana Origin101kgDeep within its equatorial rainforest, the tropical heat and rich soil bring forth an intensely aromatic cocoa, the brown gold of the region.
CHOVCB27CacaoBarryMexique Origin 66%101kgMexico is the cradle of the cacao. The Aztec god of vegetation and renewal, Quetzalcoatl gave cacao to man and taught him to cultivate it. Enjoyed long ago as a spiced beverage, or used as sacred trading currency, the cacao of Mexico now continues to offer us the rare flavours hallowed by the gods
CHOVCB28CacaoBarryVenezuela Origin 72%101kgThis country of striking natural beauty is renowned for its exclusive and unrivalled Criollo beans sought after by the world’s most discerning connoisseurs.
COCO008MYCRYOCocoa Butter Powder10600gTempering with MYCRYO® : considered as the easiest and most efficient method ever!

• Simply add 1% MYCRYO® by weight to the chocolate; namely 10 g for 1 kg of chocolate when the chocolate reaches the correct temperature.

• The chocolate remains perfectly fluid.

• Longer working time before the chocolate hardens.

•Shape the chocolate by hand or mold with an enrober.
CHOVCB35CacaoBarryChocolate Batons 44% (300pce)151.6kg
CHOVCB01CacaoBarryDark Force Noire 50%45kgWith a minimum of 50% cocoa, Force Noire dark chocolate pistols have a consistently robust and well-rounded flavour. The product possesses a biscuity flavour, and top notes that evoke gingerbread to the discerning palate. Applications include praline fillings, ganache, and mousse etc
CHOVCB02CacaoBarryDark Excellence 55%45kgPresenting a rich suggestion of ripe red fruits to the palate.
CHOVCB04CacaoBarryMilk Lactee Superiure 38%45kgA dark-coloured milk chocolate that successfully combines the advantages of both a sweet and strong milk chocolate.
CHOVCB05CacaoBarryWhite Blanc Satin 30%45kgContaining 29.2% cocoa blended with rich creamy milk, Blanc Satin possesses a silky smooth texture for extra lusciousness so delicate on the palate. A white chocolate that accentuates caramelized notes with a hint of the finest vanilla.
CHOVCB06CacaoBarryDark Guayaquil 64%45kgA chocolate possessing strong, full flavour, with a nice lingering bitterness and a dark and very chocolaty colour. It easily blends with warm flavours and with sweet fruits.