Product CodeProduct TitleUnits Per CtnUnit Size
CUPF100G100ml Green Florida3550pce
CUPF100Y100ml Yellow Florida3550pce
CUPF160P160ml Red Florida2450pce
CUPF200B200ml Blue Florida2450pce
CUPP452PoloplastDORICO Transparent 120cc1300pce
CUPP453Poloplast DORICO Transparent 200cc1450pce

Enjoy Our Ice Cream Cups Wholesale

The delicious ice cream and gelato you create should be mixed and stored in dedicated cups or containers. This not only helps maintain the quality and texture of the ice cream, but also makes it easy to access when you want to serve others or eat some yourself. At Creative Ingredients, we’re proud to offer both ice cream cups wholesale and ice cream containers wholesale. We have no shortage of sizes for you to choose from depending on your specific requirements and preferences.

HACCP Approved

Our ice cream containers wholesale and ice cream cups wholesale are perfect for various frozen treats, including ice cream, gelato, sorbet and frozen yoghurt. Ice cream outlets can benefit greatly from using our HACCP approved and Australian Standard compliant solutions. We pride ourselves on maintaining affordable prices for our cups and containers without compromising on quality, ensuring you’ll find an appropriate solution for your needs within our range.